Personal information

Due to his big intrest in animals and especially dogs, Christer Andersson founded his Candy Station´s kennel in order to breed dogs at a more proffesional level. Initially he bred Pugs, continued with English Bulldogs. Then, 10 years ago, he fell in love with the French Bulldog which , to this date, is the breed he has put all his energy and care into.

Christer´s aims are to breed the most perfect looking French Bulldogs and he also emphasisesthe importance of putting all his effort into the well being of his dogs. They live a comfortable and homely life in Christer´s farm outside Götene spending most of their day playing in the garden.

As the community of French Bulldogg breeders in Sweden is a comparatively small one most of the members cross each other´s paths and know each other fairly well, so this information may be of more intrest to people abroad visiting Candy Station´s webpage.

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Christer Andersson founder of Candy Station´s Kennel
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